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Mary Patusksy, California
Mary Patusksy, California
Donated by Suzanne Mitchell, Texas - From The Estate of Corinne Hayes, Kansas

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Take a tour through the rooms of the WOCP Museum located in Oklahoma City within the headquarters. Guided tours or a self guided tour after a greeting and museum information meeting from a staff member.

Please contact us if the visit is a large group so that we can have staff and volunteers to accomandate you.

Hundreds of objects of handpainted porcelain are on exhibit for your pleasure.

Reception Room

The Reception Room displays porcelain painted by many noted artists.

Victorian Room

The antique furnishings featured in the Victorian Room enhance the beauty of the china being displayed and create an atmosphere of old world elegance for visitors.

Holiday Room

Hand painted porcelain representing different holidays is on view in the Holiday Room.

Blue Room

The Blue Room displays an outstanding collection of porcelain and winners of the Californaia Hall of Fame winners.

Gift Shop

Visitors to the Museum gift shop can purchase hand painted china and supplies. Sales items are donated by members and interested parties in helping to fund the organization.

State Room

Porcelain painted by members is on display in the State Room. Members who attend state or country shows or conventions vote on their choice of pieces displayed by the members in their respective state or country. The winning painted porcelain is sent to the Museum for display. The pieces are admired by the many visitors and members who visit the Museum. The displays remain until the following state or country convention or show. Pieces are then shipped back to their owners and everyone waits with excited anticipation for the new arrivals. First Place winners are encouraged to donate their pieces for permanent display. This enables the Museum to build a permanent fine collection of artists' work from around the world.

The Oriental Room

The Oriental Room is the newest addition to our facility. With a large china cabinet featuring Oriental style pastry dishes from Paris, two beautiful garden benches and more, the Oriental Room is an addition worth waiting for.


The library offers a quiet atmosphere for study. There are numerous books, helpful step by step instructions, patterns, publications on china painting and video tapes available for study in the library. A collection of antique supplies and china paints are on display. If you have china painting material, books and antique china painting items, that you would like to donate to the library, please contact the Headquarters. Your donations will help the library continue to grow.